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That is one of the best handyman services I have used. They know what they're doing and offer a wide array of different home repair services. Definitely my go-to home maintenance company.

  • Marla P.

I can't say enough good things about Handyman Services Greenwich. The handyman was just fantastic and the service just outstanding.

  • W. Smith

The hinges of the terrace door had been broken for quite some time and I used to tweak the closing mechanism with handmade materials. I needed a permanent solution and I that's why I hired a professional handyman. He did a very good job! Greenwich Home Maintenance really offers the best carpentry services around and I am sure that I made the right choice by hiring them!

  • Wilbert M.

I had help with painting my home and it has made such a difference to my life. I didn't need to waste my time doing the job myself and making a mess - the experts at Home Repairs Greenwich did everything for me and they did it to a very high standard. So impressive!

  • Aaron M.

Home refurbishment would have hardly gone so problem-free without the help of Greenwich Local Handymen and their experts. Since they were by my side to provide their expertise, everything went great! Now my home looks better than ever!

  • Christopher Warren

I needed to get my house ready for an event and that meant I need to decorate. I was on a strict time limit, so I would need some help in getting things done. I found this support in the form of Handyman Services Greenwich and their handyman services. I hired a professional, experienced team to handle all the work and they made sure it was all done well. No decorating job was ignored and the project was completed on time. They did a brilliant job and made sure my home was ready on time.

  • Sheila McMahon

When I was going on holiday to visit my daughter I asked Home Repairs Greenwich to come and freshen up my home throughout. They'd come recommended to me as a painting and decorating company and I'm pleased to say this recommendation was accurate as I have been very pleased with the results I've seen. I came back to a newly decorated home and I didn't have to do absolutely anything - I will definitely be using them again in the future!

  • Julie Whittaker

I wanted new shelves fitted in my office for files so used Home Repairs Greenwich. They sent an experienced chap for the carpentry jobs and he did everything perfectly. The work didn't cost much and the shelves were fitted with care and caution. Thanks!

  • Cathy Newton

I called Handyman Company Greenwich and asked them to send someone round to do a range of odd jobs around the house. Unfortunately due to my physical condition, I'm unable to do the most basic of DIY jobs so I was looking for a company to give me a helping hand at a very low price. The price I ended up paying was very reasonable and the man they sent round to my house was very personable and just a pleasure to be around. All in all an excellent service!

  • Spencer Taylor

I've used Greenwich Local Handymen's painters and decorators on a few occasions and they always do a top job. They also charge great prices and can give you some really good ideas about what would suit your home.

  • J. Carter

If you need decent handyman services, then I suggest you hire Handyman Company Greenwich. For the several times I have hired them, this company has never once let me down. So you can be sure that when you book with them, you will be over the moon with their services. You won't find a better company than this one if you are looking for high quality services at good prices. Nobody wants to pay over the odds for such services. Recommended.

  • Brian Darcy